Reprogramming Society : 2

The difficulty we face in today’s society is daunting to say the least. Conflict is everywhere in myriad forms. Ethnic violence, national extremism, secular polarization, gender discrimination, environmental confrontations, political upheaval, and more. It will only get worse as the … Continue reading

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Reprogramming Society

Our current society is failing to do what a society should. A society is supposed to give ALL its members an equal opportunity to survive, be safe, and be comfortable.
Fundamental change needs to occur to provide basic human rights including:
Food, clothing, shelter, medical care, safety, freedom from discrimination.
So … how do we set about changing the world? Continue reading

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That Blessed To-Do List.

Blessings Darlings!

My ambitions tend to outrace my grasp – which means that my To Do list is really, really, REALLY long.  So much to do!  So little time to do it in!

Today I got several unexpected free hours, courtesy of hurricane Florence.  Because I have the To Do list – and keep it prioritized – I checked my list and decided to catch up on … Continue reading…

Omen Or No Omen.

Blessings, Darlings!

Dear Gods, I just tried ‘reading’ the same of a murmeration of birds as an omen.  Not that I had just asked a question or had an issue that I needed guidance on in my mind.  Hey, it looks like boobies!  That, and the cow that was nursing, must mean that everything is tits!  And tits are great!  So everything is great!

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You and Me, Baby, Ain’t Nothing But Mammals

Blessings Darlings!

In a conversation with the Chubby Hubby, I was again decrying folks looking to ‘consume’ spirituality – buying lots of items, saving lots of shared ‘information’ on someone’s ideas of what each days correspondences are, short meanings of symbols, short info on herbs, memes, etc. The CH, being wonderful and brilliant (why else would I marry and have children with him?) pointed out that … Continue reading…