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Cétemain, Cain Cucht ~ May-time, Beautifully Formed

The following is a poem said to have been spoken by Finn Mac Cumal Cétemain, cain cucht 1 Cétemain, cain cucht, rée rosaír rann; canait luin laíd láin día laí (grían) gaí n-gann.2 Gairid cuí chrúaid den; is fo-chen sam saír: suidid síne serb i m-bi cerb caill chraíb.3 Cerbaid sam súaill sruth; saigid graig […]

The Good Witch: Redefining Witches on TV and Defining the Witch I Want To Be

“The first step in a new direction doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be a step.” – Cassie Nightingale, ‘The Good Witch’ As you might imagine if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, I’m not generally a Hallmark Channel sort of person. More like SyFy Channel or Chiller. There […]

Misinformation and Truths about the Morrigan

There seems to have been a recent uptick in interest in the Morrigan again and I’m seeing a lot of misinformation floating around, so I thought it would be helpful to offer clarification on some things. These aren’t personal opinions so much as facts from the Irish language and mythology. Keep in mind, however, that […]

Cáca Síofra – a Recipe from a Dream

Dreams – aislingí – are sometimes a way that I receive communication from spirits and the Good People, as are other more controlled means like journeywork. This would fall into the realm of what’s usually called ‘upg’ or unverified personal gnosis in modern paganism. I have found a lot of value in the lessons and […]

The Power of Names

There is a lot of power in names and naming, so today I want to look at the way we see that played out in mythology and folklore. I thought this would be a good topic to discuss in particular because of the confusion I sometimes see around the idea of True Names and magical […]

Book Review – The Knowing

I haven’t done a book review in a long time, and as it happens I just read a new urban fantasy that I really liked, so it seemed like a good time to offer a review here. The book is ‘The Knowing’ by Kevan Manwaring and is available on ebook through amazon (there is no […]

Nicnevin, Queen of Fairies, Queen of Witches

One of the most interesting and obscure figures in fairylore is Nicnevin. She appears in folklore from the 16th century onwards as a frightening figure that was used by mother’s to ensure children’s good behavior, a witch and queen of witches, and a Fairy Queen. In modern understanding she is often depicted as a queen of […]

Medb and Menstruation in the Tain Bo Cuiligne, a translation

The following excerpt from the Táin Bó Cuiligne is about an incident towards the end of the cattle raid, where Medb and her troops are retreating. Medb’s menstraul period begins and she has to stop to relieve herself; while doing this Cu Chulain comes upon her and will not attack her, because of the vulnerable […]

Translating the Echtra Condla

Ectra Condla Chaim meic Cuind Chetchathaig inso.Cid día n-apar Art Óenfer. ni handsa. Lá ro boí Condla  Rúad mac Cuind Chetchathaig for láim a athar i n-uachtor Usnig. Co n-acca in mnaí i n-étuch anetargnaid na dochum. Asbert Condla. Can dodeochad a ben or se. Dodeochadsa for in ben a tírib beó áit inna bí bás […]

Saint Patrick, Druids, and Snakes

This is a revised, updated edition of a blog I wrote 5 years ago now with added Jocelin of Furness. One thing that modern paganism struggles with is history, both its context and accuracy. Many things that are taken as fact in paganism today are not actually supported by historic material, and many things that […]

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