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Imram Brian Meic Ferbail

One of the Imramma, or ‘Voyage’ stories, dating to possibly the 8th century. I can only find a small portion of the text in Irish to translate but it is an interesting section and offers insight into how far back the concept existed that to live on one of the Otherworldly islands meant to be […]

The Morrigan and Morgen le Fay

One source of much confusion is the connection – or lack thereof – between the Irish goddess the Morrigan and the Welsh Arthurian figure Morgen le Fay*. I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while but have hesitated because I am admittedly weak on the Welsh end of things and didn’t want to […]

Everyone Is the Hero Of Their Own Story

Blessings Darlings! In a Facebook group the other day (yes, one of the vile swamp of dysfunctional ones – those are where I get inspiration for many of my rants) someone was going on about doing a prosperity spell, but to be careful … Continue reading…

Walking the Tightrope

Human beings are complex organisms physiologically, psychologically, spiritually, and socially. Maintaining a sense of balance in all these aspects of ourselves can often feel like we’re walking a tightrope strung between two mountain peaks. Although we know there is a … Continue reading →

I Wonder…

A vagrant thought inspired by grief Continue reading →


And so they come with tooth and claw, They thirst for violence And She will be the same no more Amid this pestilence They slash and cut and bite her flesh And care not for her pain So now her … Continue reading →


In sorrow now she cries aloud A tortured sound from far away The spirit of this land once proud Now waits upon the dawning day When savages no longer roam And scour her clean of things they crave Driving her … Continue reading →

A step on the path

The dilemma facing many seeking new spiritual paths is often twofold. First there is the sheer number of different paths, each with their own gods (or lack thereof), rituals, ceremonies, rules, etc. Second for the most part you have to … Continue reading →

Most FB Support Pagan/Witch Groups Are Vile Swamps of Dysfunction

Blessings Darlings! I enjoy discussing religion, politics, magic, gardening, prepping, cooking, food, science, and a whole lot of other stuff.  And if there is a topic, there are probably hundreds of Facebook groups for that.  Some of those groups are good, and promote great discussions, and everyone learns new things and grows.  But those groups […]

Christian Symbols to Protect from Fairies

The relationship between the Good People and the sacred objects and words of Christianity are complex. Some fairies are utterly unbothered by the symbols and ritual actions of the new religion, some are very concerned about their own place within Christian cosmology, while others seem to violently abhor anything relating to the ‘new’ religion. Those […]

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