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Fairy Food: “Bite No Bit, And Drink No Drop”

“And what you’ve not to do is this: bite no bit, and drink no drop, however hungry or thirsty you be; drink a drop, or bite a bit while in Elfland you be and never will you see Middle Earth again.” – the Ballad of Childe Rowland I’ve previously discussed the food of Fairy in […]

Riding the River; My Journey into Paganism

 My journey into Paganism is something I’ve talked about before, but I don’t think I’ve ever written explicitly about it here. Since there’s a blog theme going around taking on that idea I thought it might be interesting to look at it here. Many people when you ask them ‘How did you end up pagan?’ […]

The Baobhan Sìth

One of the most interesting Scottish fairies, to my mind, is the Baobhan Sìth (pronounced roughly Bah-van Shee). There are only a few stories preserved in folklore about this spirit, and they are fairly homogeneous in painting a picture of female fairies, usually appearing in groups, who seduce young men and kill them by drinking […]

Witchcraft of The Devouring Swamp

My friend at Via Hedera wrote a great post about her green witchcraft in the context of her river and its spirits called “Green River Witchcraft”. You should definitely give it a read. It has me thinking about the way that where we live, the environment we live in, shapes how we relate to spirits […]

Cliodhna: Goddess and Fairy Queen

The Following is an Excerpt from my book Pagan Portals Gods and Goddesses of Ireland Cliodhna – Cliodhna, also known as Clíona, is considered both one of the Tuatha Dé Danann in older mythology and a Fairy Queen in modern folk lore. Her name may mean ‘the territorial one’, likely reflecting her earlier role as […]

poem translation ‘Lugh’s Arrival at Teamhair’

This is an excerpt from a 14th century poem; this portion is telling about Lugh’s arrival at Temhair during the larger story of the Cath Maige Tuired. It’s short but very interesting and worth a read I think. I’ve included the original Irish and then my translation.  Crow perched on signpost in front of the […]

Chess – A Between the Worlds Short Story

Several people have asked me to write a short story that gives some more backstory for a few of the characters in my fiction series, and I thought it would be a fun thing to do. In the spirit of that one person suggested incorporating ‘strip chess’, and since I love a challenge here you […]


If you mention the subject of fairies to most people and ask them to name a type of fairy being, many immediately jump to Leprechauns. For a variety of reasons they have become well-known, or at least people believe they know them well and certainly every March there will be the requisite pop-culture article on […]

Oiche Fhéile Eóin – Lá Fhéile Eóin

When it comes to holidays in my personal practice I’ve always focused most on the fire festivals, Imbolc, Bealtaine, Lughnasa, and Samhain, but for many years midsummer has played a role as well. Specifically it has been a time for me to honor the fairy Queen Àine, but last year I found that starting to […]

Reshaped Living: Food and Drink ~ An Excerpt from my WIP

 I have recently signed a contract for a new book, a third in my Fairycraft series, and for today’s blog I wanted to offer an excerpt from the draft,to give people a taste of where this one is going. It’s much more personal than the others, and while it does quote sources and include the […]

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