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Imram Brian Meic Ferbail

One of the Imramma, or ‘Voyage’ stories, dating to possibly the 8th century. I can only find a small portion of the text in Irish to translate but it is an interesting section and offers insight into how far back the concept existed that to live on one of the Otherworldly islands meant to be […]


The Morrigan and Morgen le Fay

One source of much confusion is the connection – or lack thereof – between the Irish goddess the Morrigan and the Welsh Arthurian figure Morgen le Fay*. I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while but have hesitated because I am admittedly weak on the Welsh end of things and didn’t want to […]


Christian Symbols to Protect from Fairies

The relationship between the Good People and the sacred objects and words of Christianity are complex. Some fairies are utterly unbothered by the symbols and ritual actions of the new religion, some are very concerned about their own place within Christian cosmology, while others seem to violently abhor anything relating to the ‘new’ religion. Those […]


Fairy Taboo – #3 Names

Another taboo that we see among many of the Good People relates to names. Names have power and we find in many cases both an aversion to saying the names of certain types of the Daoine Maithe as well as an avoidance of personal names. Even nicknames have power and when we look at anecdotal […]


The Morrigan is not my Sex Goddess

I want to start off by acknowledging that we all see the Gods differently and I know that sometimes a person can relate to a deity in a way that is unusual (comparatively) or unique to them; maybe this is how they need to see that deity for personal reasons. What I want to address […]


Fairy Taboos – #2 Privacy

 Having looked at the common (but not ubiquitous) prohibition of the fairies against humans saying thank you to them, now let’s turn to another even more prevalent fairy taboo, that of secrecy. The idea with this one is that the Good People do not like to find out they have been seen, unless they are […]


Spirituality and Modern Sacred Prohibitions

I’ve talked before about the way that spirituality can sometimes end up affecting the way we live our lives in a blog called ‘Reshaped Living’ and I think it’s important to understand the way that personal gnosis can directly influence us. Another way that spirituality can influence our lives is with the taking on of […]


Selling Your Soul to the Fairies

Most of us are familiar with the idea of classical witches selling their souls to the Devil, but there is another concept we see as well in folkloric sources: a person selling their soul to the fairies. The implication in the wider narrative is that the soul is being pledged to the Queen of Fairy […]


Fairy Taboos – # 1 Saying Thank You

I’d like to do a series focusing on specific geasa, or taboos, that relate to how humans interact with fairies. These are things that you either should do or should never do when dealing with the fey folk. I’m hoping that doing this as a series of shorter posts might be more engaging for readers […]


Embracing Joy in Spirituality

I talk often, I know, about the work that goes into my spirituality – and I think that’s fair enough because it is work and we shouldn’t underestimate that. But there’s joy in what we do as well, or their should be, its just easier often times to focus on the effort instead of the […]


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