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Athirne Ailgessach ocus Mider Bri Leith

Athirne Áilgessach & Mider Brí Léith  Athirne Ailgessach mac Ferchertne. is e is doichlechu ro boi i nHerind. Dochoid co Mider Brí Léith co tuc corra diultada & doichle úad fora thech .i. ar dibe & ar dochill. Arna taidled fer do feraib Herend a thechsom do aigidecht l^ foigde. Na tair. na tair ar in chetchorr. Eirgg ass […]

Birth – A Between The Worlds Short Story

This story is a bridge between the 6th book in the Between the Worlds series and the forthcoming 7th book. It’s main purpose is to offer some additional backstory for a few characters as well as clarify some events that occur between the two books.    The story runs at 7,370 words. ‘Birth’ – A […]

A Critical Look At The Secret Lives of Elves & Fairies

I know it’s been awhile since I did a book review and this actually isn’t one that I wanted to do, but one that I have finally accepted that I needed to do. So today we are going to take a look at John Matthews 2005 book ‘The Secret Lives of Elves & Faeries’. I […]

An Poc Sí – The Fairy Stroke

One of the most feared weapons of the fairies was the fairy stroke or poc sí, sometimes also called the fairy blast. There are several modern Irish expressions associated with this term including ‘poc aosán’ which is a term for a sudden illness, ‘poc mearaidh’ meaning a touch of madness, and ‘buaileadh poc air’ meaning […]

Fairy Doors and Fairy Houses

There are two things that are trendy right now, although I wouldn’t say either is exactly new: fairy doors and fairy houses. The principle behind each is simple and how serious or kitschy it is depends entirely on the person making it. A fairy door is a small door, usually at least several inches high, […]

Will o’ the Wisp

  The Will o’ the Wisp is an interesting thing to study, possibly a ghost or a fairy from one view and a swamp phenomena by another, one that may be explained by scientific means but whose folklore persists. There is debate even today about whether the Will o’ the Wisp is supernatural or a […]

Di Chetharslicht Athgabála

Di Chetharslicht Athgabála Fo chosmailius dorigne Finn húa Baiscne. In tan búi in fian oc Badamair for brú Siúire dodechaidh Cúldub mac húi Birgge a síd ar Femun ut Scotti dicunt co mbert a fulacht núadaib. Co teóra aidchi amin degéni friu. Isin tres fecht iarum norat Finn co luid riam i síd ar Femun. Fortngaib Finn la techt isa síd […]

The Story Behind Pagan Portals Fairy Witchcraft

Every book that’s written has a story about the motivation behind it’s writing, and this is the story behind Pagan Portals Fairy Witchcraft. In 2013 I was on social media one day and I stumbled across a link on a page which purported to discuss ‘Faerie Witchcraft’. Clicking on it showed a convoluted and confusing […]

Måran – Night Mares

The following is an excerpt from my new book ‘Following the Fairy Path’ which should be released in 2018. It will be the third book in my Fairycraft series. This excerpt is discussing one particular type of spirit being or fairy that comes at night and torments sleepers. The Nightmare, John Fuseli, 1781, public domain […]

Finnbheara – Fairy King of Connacht

 Generally speaking we have more named Fairy Queens than Kings but we do have a few examples of named Kings as well. Finnbheara is one of the Kings of the fairies in Ireland who is known variously as Finvara, Finveara, Fionbheara, Fin Bheara, Fionnbharr or Findbharr. His name may mean ‘Fair Haired’ in Old Irish; […]

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