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Excerpt from Pagan Portals Odin

Today’s blog is an excerpt from my forthcoming book Pagan Portals Odin, which will be released in March 2018 artwork by Ashley Bryner Powers and Associations Odin, like any deity, can and will influence whatever he chooses to but there are particular areas that he is especially associated with. I might not go so far […]

Dangerous Fairies and Knowing Your Limits

When I was at Pantheacon this year I taught a class about the Unseelie Court. It was a fun class to teach, late at night and with a good crowd. I may have been slightly delirious from jet lag and sleep deprivation. I may also at one point have uttered the now somewhat infamous line […]

Aoibheall, Fairy Queen of Clare

Many of the Irish Fairy Queens were once Goddesses and we know this because they are listed among the ranks of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the Gods of Ireland. However not all of them are so easily traced back to deities, although there may be an argument that they all have their roots in previous […]

Shifting Spirituality

This is going to be complicated. Also mysticism and personal experiences ahead. Proceed at your own risk. I went to Ireland six months ago, and its been a time of transition and refocusing since then.I don’t tend to always share a lot of really deep personal stuff, for various reasons, including worry about how my […]

The Queen of Elfland

 One figure that we see appearing in Scottish folklore in ballads, stories, and witch trial accounts is the Queen of Elfland or Queen of Fairies. This Queen is never named explicitly in these accounts but only referred to by her title and usually appears alone although in some rare cases she was known to have […]

Simple Magic, Butter and Salt

There was a time when my magical practices were fairly complicated, and I suppose sometimes they still can be. I won’t deny that I like my fancy candles and herbs as much as most witches do, and I am fond of a variety of woods and natural materials. There is something visceral and satisfying in […]

What’s in a Name? Imp, Elf, Fairy, Good Neighbor

When it comes to the denizens of Fairy, what’s in a name? As it happens a lot, but there’s also a great deal of confusion because many of the terms in English that we apply today to specific beings are rooted in generic terms that were once interchangeable. The water is further muddied by the […]

The Influence of Folk Etymologies

  Something I’ve been giving some thought to recently is the influence of the meaning of names. Most pagans I know are at least curious about what a deity or mythic figure’s name means and knowing the etymology then adds a layer of understanding about that deity. If we interpret the Morrigan’s name to mean […]

Cétemain, Cain Cucht ~ May-time, Beautifully Formed

The following is a poem said to have been spoken by Finn Mac Cumal Cétemain, cain cucht 1 Cétemain, cain cucht, rée rosaír rann; canait luin laíd láin día laí (grían) gaí n-gann.2 Gairid cuí chrúaid den; is fo-chen sam saír: suidid síne serb i m-bi cerb caill chraíb.3 Cerbaid sam súaill sruth; saigid graig […]

The Good Witch: Redefining Witches on TV and Defining the Witch I Want To Be

“The first step in a new direction doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be a step.” – Cassie Nightingale, ‘The Good Witch’ As you might imagine if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, I’m not generally a Hallmark Channel sort of person. More like SyFy Channel or Chiller. There […]

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