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Dangerous Things – A Poem

I may be cynical but I have earned it so I laugh I do when I hear people talking about the Good People being drawn by wind chimes and shiny baubles although I probably said much the same once myself. I shake my head at the idea that They wish us nothing but well. Cynical, […]

The Vices of Malkuth – Inertia and Greed

Blessings Darlings! Since I am dreading and thus putting off blogging about the Wiccan Rede … this seems like a great time to talk about the Vice of Malkuth “Inertia”, since I’m experiencing it.  But as long as I’m here, I’ll look at the other vice of Malkuth as well. You might not know … […]

My Worship Is In The Heart That Rejoices.

Blessings Darlings! This is the first in what will be (I hope) a multi-post series on phrases from Wicca bandied about in the neopagan community. While Wicca is primarily an orthopraxic mystery religion, it has a few phrases that are quoted y some as orthodoxy.  One of them … Continue reading…

Frogs in Irish Folklore

So a little while ago a good friend asked me about what, if anything, I had heard relating to frogs and Irish folklore. I had to admit that while I personally associated frogs with the Good People I wasn’t entirely sure why and I couldn’t recall offhand any specific frog folklore. So its been on […]

Tri Cuirn o Cormac ua Cuinn – The Three Goblets of Cormac grandson of Conn

Today I’d like to offer a shorter translation piece for you: Cuirn sin tucad do Cormac u Cuinn dar muir Feacht n-ann do luid Aedh Oirdnidhi mac Neill Frosaidh mic Fearghuile mic Maile Duin do ordugud fer cuigid Connacht. Do luid dar Eas Ruaidh ocus do baithed a fuis meisi ocus a cuirnn ann. Tainic […]

Online Fairy Resources

I’ve posted various recommended reading lists before but I thought it would be both helpful and fun to post a selection of assorted links to online resources for the subject of fairylore here that don’t fall into the realm of ‘recommended reading’. There are after all other media one can look to for education on […]

Magic in Motion – Circles and Compasses in Folklore

The idea that movement in magic has significance is of course an old one and can be found in both folk magic and folklore. In witchcraft we see this reflected in the idea of casting a circle and in some forms of modern traditional witchcraft in casting the compass*, and we also find the idea […]

Following in the Tracks of Hooves – a Pilgrimage in Ireland

Sheep tracks at Healy Pass I’m just back from a recent trip to Ireland, helping co-facilitate a tour for Land, Sea, Sky Travel to the Beara peninsula. Most of the tour, of course, was focused on that job of facilitating for the people on the tour, but I had my own moments of experience as […]

Upcoming Releases 2018

The second half of 2018 is going to be busy for me with published pieces being released, and since I often have people asking me what I have coming out and when I thought it might be helpful to recap here. August 31, 2018 – Seven Ages of the Ages. An anthology by Moon Books […]

Translation – Compert Mongan

Below is a new translation I’ve done of a section of the Conception of Mongan. It’s a very interesting story and I quite like this version which focuses more on Fiachna’s wife perspective than the other common story.  COMPERT MONGAN… Asbertsa dagní didiu ar atá do chéle i ngúais már. Tucad fer húathmar ara chend nad forsabatár […]

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