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If you mention the subject of fairies to most people and ask them to name a type of fairy being, many immediately jump to Leprechauns. For a variety of reasons they have become well-known, or at least people believe they know them well and certainly every March there will be the requisite pop-culture article on […]


Oiche Fhéile Eóin – Lá Fhéile Eóin

When it comes to holidays in my personal practice I’ve always focused most on the fire festivals, Imbolc, Bealtaine, Lughnasa, and Samhain, but for many years midsummer has played a role as well. Specifically it has been a time for me to honor the fairy Queen Àine, but last year I found that starting to […]


Reshaped Living: Food and Drink ~ An Excerpt from my WIP

 I have recently signed a contract for a new book, a third in my Fairycraft series, and for today’s blog I wanted to offer an excerpt from the draft,to give people a taste of where this one is going. It’s much more personal than the others, and while it does quote sources and include the […]


The Morrigan’s Call Retreat 2017

Last weekend was the 4th annual Morrigan’s Call Retreat in Connecticut, an event that I have participated in since its inception. Founded by Stephanie Woodfield and Morrigu’s Daughters the Retreat offers people a chance to get together and honor the Great Queen(s). It has always been somewhat unique in that its purpose is so specific to one group of […]


An Amadán na Bruidhne – The Fairy Fool

According to folklore there are two fairies who are more dangerous than others, because their touch brings madness that cannot be cured: the Fairy Queen and the Fairy Fool. The Fairy Queen may be the more well-known, with a good amount of folklore to be found about her under either the title or a specific […]


Plans for 2018; Ireland and Iceland

I’ve had a lot going on lately, some of which I’ve written about here. One thing I think I haven’t discussed yet is that next year is going to be a big travel year for me; I’m not planning to do many events or conferences but I do have two bigger trips planned. The first, […]


Call for Submissions – Part 2 Non-fiction Anthology

Yesterday I posted a call for submission for two fiction anthologies; the response has been good even in a short time. However several people have asked if non-fiction would also be accepted and thus the third anthology was born. Really three is a much more fitting number for anything Fey anyway…. Call for Submissions: Fifty […]


Call for Submissions – Two Fairy Themed Anthologies

So, I made an off the cuff comment on social Media which has taken on a life of its own.I have never tried to put together an anthology before, but I’m going to give it a go. Caveat with that – it will almost certainly be self published.And of course one idea leads to another….so […]


Behind the Scenes with My Fiction

I started writing fiction about 3 years ago, after a friend encouraged me to give National Novel Writing Month a try that November. I did it purely for fun, a break from my usual non-fiction, and never intended to publish it. But as I worked to reach NaNoWriMo’s goal of 50,000 words in a single […]



Today’s blog is a new translation of the Metrical Dindshenchas entry for Tlachtga.  TLACHTGA Tlachtga, tulach ordain úais,forbaid mór ríg co rochrúais,ón chéin rosgab Tlachtga thoich,ingen Moga réil ríg-Roith. Mug Roith mac Fergusa Fáilmac Rossa rígda ronáir,Cacht ingen Chathmind na clesa máthair dath-grind díles. Roth mac Riguill roalt h-é;de ba Mug Roith rogaide:dá mac Moga, […]


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