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Racism is Not Part of CR

So its late summer and once again there’s a flare up in the Heathen social media sphere relating to racism. Sadly this is nothing new. In fact three years ago, also in August, I wrote a previous blog partially about my opinion of racism. This is not a new issue. This particular iteration came up […]

Gods and Fairies – Excerpt from Fairycraft

Gods and Fairies – Excerpt from Fairycraft In Christian myth it is said that the fairies exist as beings that are between the nature of angels and demons; many people dismiss this as later propaganda but I believe it represents a reflection of genuine older belief. In pagan times the fairies were seen as being […]

My Polytheism

I’ve been a polytheist for a long time now, and an animist, arguably, for longer. Polytheism is one of those deceptively easy-but-complicated things that a person says that tells you everything and nothing all at once. I’m a polytheist – but what does that mean? Well obviously that I believe in and honor more than […]

Iron as a Protection Against Fairies

Iron horse shoe above a door Many of the old folktales – as well as the new modern day experiences – show us reasons why people feared and respected the Good People. Living side by side with the Otherworld necessitated not only the wisdom to know how to properly interact if you happened upon Themselves, […]

Morgan's Basic Guide to Dealing with Non-Human Spirits

There are many things about modern spirituality that perplex me but one that I may have mentioned before is the immediate trust that people give to spirits. I know I’ve mentioned it in my books and in classes so I decided it was about time to devote a blog post to the subject. The most […]

Modern Experiences with the OtherCrowd

A couple years ago I wrote a blog called "Experiencing the OtherCrowd" which aimed to share some of my personal experiences with Themselves, the idea being that often people of a more Reconstructionist bent don’t talk much about those sorts of things. I had also wanted to show some of my own interactions to give […]

Honoring the Beginning of the Harvest

   Today is Bron Trogain, better known by most pagans as Lughnasadh (Lunasa) or Lammas. Its a multifacted holiday for me, with Irish aspects as well as Fairy aspects. But I like the layers and complexity and I like that it isn’t something simple, something easy to sum up in a quick ritual and move […]

The Seelie and Unseelie Courts

   By many accounts the beings of Fairy are divided into two courts, the Seelie and Unseelie. This is often simplified as the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ fairies, or as F. Marian McNeill says the ‘gude wichts’* and the ‘wicked wichts’ and was initially a Lowland Scottish belief that later spread (McNeill, 1956). I think we […]

The Goblin Market

There is a long tradition in folklore of various fairy markets, places that humans sometimes stumble across and that can be perilous or provide opportunities for trade, depending on how the human behaves. Many stories of these markets or fairs appear in collections of folklore from the last several hundred years, when writing down such […]

Tomus tighe mec ind Ócc

Newgrange from the air. Office of Public Works (OPW), date unknown This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Tomus tighe mec ind ÓccTomus tighe mec ind Ócc,fót cen bine buidnib sét,etir dá fraigid rosícht,mó secht traigid, mó secht cét.Cethri dorais ind cen brón,bith oc ól tria bitha sir,turib ciprib, úair is caem,cóel […]

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