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My Shifting Spirituality and Fairytale Wolves

I’ve been thinking a lot about wolves lately. I’m in a place spiritually right now that is a bit contradictory – several events in Ireland were very empowering and intense for me and moved me into a deeper connection with the Other Crowd, but at the same time other things have become chaotic as a […]

Quick Thoughts on Apotropaic Iron

there seems to be a lot of confusion about the apotropaic qualities of iron.So, let’s clear some points up.Iron is said in folklore to protect against a wide range of spirits and negative magics including [most of] the Good Neighbors and Alfar, Ghosts, Demons, and witches. Iron objects deter the majority of the Other Crowd […]


  I’ve recently had Bridget Cleary on my mind and that along with some synchronicity on social media that brought the subject up in a separate context made me decide to write today about changelings. For those who don’t know, Bridget Cleary was a woman in Ireland who died in 1895 when her husband and several […]

The Doubled Edge of Fairywork

Sometimes people ask me why I don’t talk much about personal practice and experience with the Othercrowd, beyond a handful of anecdotes that I repeat and some fairly generic for-public-consumption stories. I’m pretty free with talking about experiences that occured with other people, about being pixy-led, or seeing fairy hounds, or items being taken and […]

Meeting a New Liminal God

I’m on a brief hiatus at the moment, and today is Thanksgiving here in the US, so I am re-posting this from my other blog ‘Into the Twilight’. Its a look at more of the personal side of my witchcraft practice. Enjoy! Generally speaking in my practice of Fairy Witchcraft I honor two main pairs […]

Stepping Into Brigit – a Review

  Many people are familiar with my dedication to the Morrigan but what may not be as widely known is my love of Brighid. It is, by its nature, a different sort of love, but it is just as much a presence in my life in its own way. So when I was asked to […]

Fairies, Witches, and Dangerous Magic

When many people think of the classical image of the witch it comes with the implicit shadow of the Devil looming over it and an inherent sense of danger. When the folklore is studied in Scotland and Ireland, however, it is not cloven hooves and hellfire that mark many witches but the touch of Fairy […]

a Prayer to Brighid

Brighid, Lady of healing May we find wholeness in troubled times Brighid, Lady of the smith’s flame May we forge a brighter future from uncertainty Brighid, Lady of sweet speech May we raise our voices in eloquence and strength Brighid of the Hospitalers, May we support those in need around us Brighid of the Judgments, […]


 One of the more well-known types of Fey, by name at least, are goblins but many people are vague on what exactly goblins are. So today lets take a look at goblins, what they are, and some folklore surrounding them. The word goblin itself dates back to about the 14th century and is believed to […]

The Morrigan's Second Prophecy

After the battle of Maige Tuiredh the Morrigan gave two prophecies. This is my translation of the second one.Boí-si íarum oc taircetul deridh an betha ann beus ocus oc tairngire cech uilc nobíad ann, ocus cech teadma ocus gach díglau; conid ann rocachain an laíd-se sís:"Ní accus bith nombeo baid: sam cin blatha, beit bai […]

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