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Practicing Safe Hex

Hexing is one of those things that some people feel comfortable doing and others disagree with. This post isn’t about the ethics pro or con, but purely offering some safety tips for people who may feel motivated to hex and who are not well versed in the practice. Like any other magical specialty it is […]

Translating Corpre's Satire on Bres

This is a shorter piece from the Cath Maige Tuired, but it’s one of my favorites. In it the half-Fomorian, half-Tuatha Dé Danann Eochaid Bres has been named king after Nuada lost his arm in the battle with the Fir Bolg, and Bres is proving to be a poor king. As the text says ‘ar nibtar […]

shapeshifting witches

One of the things that witches in Ireland and Scotland were known for was shapeshifting, particularly into the form of hares, although some other shapes were noted in folklore as well including weasels. From a modern perspective there is a tendency to interpret these stories literally, and indeed some of them clearly indicate a literal […]

Athirne ocus Amairgen mac Ecet Salach

This story is listed in the Ulster cycle, although it does not directly tie into any of the other stories there. I wanted to translate it here because I find it an intriguing piece and really enjoy the amount of description it includes. I have kept to more literal translations here to give the reader […]

Looking forward at 2017

“Ata la i ndegaid aloile” [A day follows another] – Etain, Tochmarc Etaine2016 was in many ways a pivotal year for me, and I think at least some of that was reflected in the content of my blog. I can honestly say that nothing went exactly as I expected it to, and some things happened […]

Imbolc – Divination practices

Hawthorn berries under snow, Imbolc 2016 Divination practices are found during all of the significant Irish celebrations and Imbolc is no exception. Particularly the period immediately after the feasting portion of the celebration was often used for divination (Estyn Evans, 1957). In some specific cases relating to the casting of lots for fisherman or the […]

Fairies and the Dead – An Excerpt from my W.I.P

The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book ‘Fairies: A Guidebook to the Good People’Fairies and the DeadThe relationship and connection between the fairies and the dead is a complex one, and likely always has been. The human dead aren’t fairies, except when they are. Fairies aren’t the human dead, except when they might […]

Spirituality – Why I Don't Believe in Easy

  The other day I was talking to a friend and I happened to mention that when it comes to spirituality I no longer believe in the concept of easy. Simple, yes, because there are aspects of spirituality and spiritual practice that can be simple. But easy, oh no, easy is one of those things […]

Everyone's Favorite Topic – Fairies, Humans, and Sex

  One of the most consistent threads among the folklore, and one that I’ve touched on previously in my articles on the Leannán Sí and Changelings, is also one that seems to endlessly fascinate modern people: fairies and humans as lovers. While some today like to scoff at the concept as the fodder of lascivious […]

Ireland: Seeing the Stories

The idea behind today’s blog is pretty straightforward – its a collection of pictures of from my recent trip along with some related lore, history, myth, or personal stories. I had been sharing these in snippets on social media and decided to collect them all into one place here and share them with a wider […]

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