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Excerpt from Suidigud Tellaich Temra

Suidigud Tellaich Temra 23. ‘A Findtain,’ arse, ‘& Éri cía gabad ca rabad inde?’ ‘Ní ansa,’ ar Fintan, ‘Íaruss fis. tuadus cath. airthis bláth. teissus séis. fortius flaith.’ ‘Is fír ém, a Findtain,’ ar Tréfhuilngid, ‘’ at senchaid saineamail. Is amlaid robái & bias co bráth béos, .i. 24. A fis, a forus, a foirceatol, […]

The Púca

"[A]n pucadh da ngairir an spioraid phriobhaideach" – Lucerna Fidelium  (the púca he was called the secret spirit)  The Púca – also called by a wide array of variant names including Phooka, Pooka, Pwca [Welsh], Bucca [Cornish] and Puck [English] – is a type of being found in folklore across hundreds of years. Some even […]

Fairy Familiars

 The familiar spirit, often simply called the familiar, is one of the most well known companions of the classical witch. When most people think of the traditional witch’s familiar they automatically imagine a demonic one, however there is a long history of fairies taking the role of the familiar spirit with some witches in Europe, […]

Popculture, Modern Fiction, and Fairies

In November of 2015 I wrote a blog titled ‘The Influence of Fiction and Hollywood on Paganism’. It was mostly me discussing my own opinions on the way that I have seen media change, or at least influence, pagan beliefs over the decades. Lately different discussions on social media have gotten me thinking that I […]

Colors, Clothing, and Fairies in Celtic Folklore

There are several colors which have come to be strongly associated with the Good Neighbors over time and today I want to discuss them. Generally they are related to us through descriptions of clothing and of animals, although by far the most detail can be gleaned by looking at clothing descriptions. The clothing itself when […]

Slánugud na Mórrigna – the Healing of the Morrigan

Slánugud na Mórrigna And-sin tánic in Mórrígu ingen Ernmais a Sídib irricht sentainne, corrabi ic blegun bó trí sine na fiadnaisse. Is immi tanic-si (mar) sin, ar bith a forithen do Choinchulaind. Dáig ni gonad Cuchulaind nech ar a térnád, co m-beth cuit dó féin na legis Conattech Cuchulaind blegon furri, iarna dechrad d’íttaid. Dobretha-si […]

Álfablot – Honoring the Álfar

"It appears even that to these black elves in particular, i.e., mountain spirits, who in various ways came into contact with man, a distinct reverence was paid, a species of worship, traces of which lasted down to recent times. The clearest evidence of this is found in the Kormakssaga p. 216-8. The hill of the […]

Morgan's Re-telling of the Morrigan's Interactions with Cu Chulainn part 3

Rounding out our modern re-tellings of the Morrigan’s interactions with Cu Chulainn we have what may be called the final chapter of the Ulster Cycle, the Death of Cu Chulainn. I will say this, there is some disagreement about some of the details here, specifically in some places who was doing what, and there are […]

Morgan's Re-telling of the Morrigan's Interactions with Cu Chulainn part 2

Part 2 – the Tain Bo Cuiligne So the big cattle raid that the Morrigan predicted in the Tain Bo Regamna, which we re-told in part 1, has now come to pass. In this part we are going to look only at the actions of the Morrigan in dealing with Cu Chulainn – keep in […]

Morgan's Retelling of the Morrigan's Interactions with Cu Chulainn part 1

So, for those who haven’t read the Ulster Cycle consider this a slightly abridged re-telling of the Morrigan’s interactions with Cu Chulainn, beginning with the encounter that sets up their encounters in the Tain Bo Cuiligne In the Tain Bo Regamna…. Cu Chulainn wakes up to the sound of a cow bellowing. Leaping out of […]

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