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One Fool’s Journey

Chains n Things

Most of us living in this modern age consider ourselves free. Freedom is a “given”, enshrined in law in many countries, drilled into us through education, political rhetoric, television, even religion. And yet we remain chained, imprisoned in cages of … Continue reading →


The Universe – a perspective

There seems to be a commonly held belief that fate/destiny/karma/etc are the domain of the universe (or it’s creator in some cases). One often hears such phrases as “the universe has plans for you”, or “the universe will balance itself … Continue reading →


Walking the Tightrope

Human beings are complex organisms physiologically, psychologically, spiritually, and socially. Maintaining a sense of balance in all these aspects of ourselves can often feel like we’re walking a tightrope strung between two mountain peaks. Although we know there is a … Continue reading →


I Wonder…

A vagrant thought inspired by grief Continue reading →



And so they come with tooth and claw, They thirst for violence And She will be the same no more Amid this pestilence They slash and cut and bite her flesh And care not for her pain So now her … Continue reading →



In sorrow now she cries aloud A tortured sound from far away The spirit of this land once proud Now waits upon the dawning day When savages no longer roam And scour her clean of things they crave Driving her … Continue reading →


A step on the path

The dilemma facing many seeking new spiritual paths is often twofold. First there is the sheer number of different paths, each with their own gods (or lack thereof), rituals, ceremonies, rules, etc. Second for the most part you have to … Continue reading →