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The Gods that never were

Because all spiritual systems and religions are defined in large part by the perception of Deity within them, any misinterpretation of the nature of that deity will have a major impact on the validity of the world view of that system. If the world view is invalid, then so too is the spiritual system/religion itself. Continue reading

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Reprogramming Society : 2

The difficulty we face in today’s society is daunting to say the least. Conflict is everywhere in myriad forms. Ethnic violence, national extremism, secular polarization, gender discrimination, environmental confrontations, political upheaval, and more. It will only get worse as the … Continue reading

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Reprogramming Society

Our current society is failing to do what a society should. A society is supposed to give ALL its members an equal opportunity to survive, be safe, and be comfortable.
Fundamental change needs to occur to provide basic human rights including:
Food, clothing, shelter, medical care, safety, freedom from discrimination.
So … how do we set about changing the world? Continue reading

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