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Everyone Is the Hero Of Their Own Story

Blessings Darlings! In a Facebook group the other day (yes, one of the vile swamp of dysfunctional ones – those are where I get inspiration for many of my rants) someone was going on about doing a prosperity spell, but to be careful … Continue reading…


Most FB Support Pagan/Witch Groups Are Vile Swamps of Dysfunction

Blessings Darlings! I enjoy discussing religion, politics, magic, gardening, prepping, cooking, food, science, and a whole lot of other stuff.  And if there is a topic, there are probably hundreds of Facebook groups for that.  Some of those groups are good, and promote great discussions, and everyone learns new things and grows.  But those groups […]


Altar Placement

Blessings Darlings! So, we moved again – now close to the house we first lived in in this area, only right on the cattle farm instead of it being  ‘across the street, and behind the house on the other side of the street’ from us.  Moving is always hard when you’re old and have ‘stuff’, […]


The Gods are not your bitches.

Blessings Darlings! Would you walk up to a random stranger on the street and ask them to give you stuff?  Like, “Hey – you don’t know me at all, and I don’t know you.  But …” Continue reading…


Pearls before … y’all.

 Blessings Darlings! I believe that I’m going to start blogging again. The blogs will probably be mostly reactive, spurred by irritants I run into. But dealing with irritants is how pearls are made, right? Frondly, Fern Continue reading…


The Waters of Avalon

Blessings Darlings! There is a pagan chant, a filk of the hymn “Waters of Babylon” that is based on Psalm 137:1, that has been running thru’ my mind this week…. Continue reading…



Blessings Darlings! How many of you are familiar with Odysseus’ trip to the underworld? It was a necessary stop on his way home (he needed the advice of a shade there). But first he had to be old that he had to, uh, go to Hades. He had to buy a goat, to sacrifice once […]


Clean Your Damn House, Witchiepoo!

Blessings Darlings! Troubled by bad finances? Drama? Chaos? “Negative Energy”? All spells for changing one’s life/luck start with the same thing: you need to totally clean your house. Totally. Did you just ask ‘why’? Continue reading…


Fruit costs, Part 2

Blessings, Darlings! It occurred to me – while shopping – that I left out some fruits yesterday.  They are fruits I rarely buy, and then only at local fruit stands or directly from farmers when in season.  They are… Continue reading…


Fruit Costs

Blessings Darlings! As I once again start trying to eat better (notice that I don’t announce when I’m NOT eating well?), I’ve been looking at the costs per serving of what I eat.  So I’m going to start posting about it, starting with the fruits. Oh – at this point I’m just going to talk […]


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