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Fern’s Fronds

Fern and Spawn Go To A Funeral

Blessings Darlings! At this point of time I’m actively grieving the death of a friend.  Her funeral was this morning, my son and I (we both worked with her) were able to attend the funeral but not last nights viewing. We don’t go to many funerals.  Part of it is our ages (relatively few of […]


The Wiccan Rede

Blessings Darlings! It’s time.  I can’t put off looking at “An it harm none, do as ye will”. Let’s start with this:  it’s 8 words.  EIGHT  E*I*G*H*T .  Shortening it IN ANY WAY changes it completely.  It’s meaning is not … Continue reading…


Personal Responsibility

Blessings Darlings! Today’s installment in my series on ‘oft bandied about Wiccan/Neopagan sayings’ is “Wicca/witchcraft/paganism is a path of personal responsibility.”  Oh, you’ll find that all sorts of folks mention that it’s part of the path, investing one line or two – maybe even one paragraph! – to the concept, but then you look at […]


This ‘n’ that.

Blessings Darlings! Maybe I should blog on some of these, maybe not.  So I’m just giving short work on these topics right now: Continue reading…


Familiars – Is Googling ‘Familiar Spirit

Blessings Darlings! TL/DR: If it eats and shits, it’s a pet not a familiar spirit. You KNOW it’s true:  damn near every online Pagan group has constant posts of animals and people claiming that the animals/pets are their familiars.  Such posts take up a huge amount of bandwidth (I’m so old that I remember when […]


Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

Blessings Darlings! The oft-bandied about Wiccan phrase we’re looking at today is “Perfect Love and Perfect Trust”. Can imperfect people do anything perfectly?  And … love and trust in who or what? Let’s start with an easier part of this. Continue reading…


Mind The Three Fold Laws Ye Should.

Blessings Darlings! Alternative title:  Have you paid your debts? Today I’m looking at another phrase commonly quoted at folks in the NeoPagan community.  “The Three Fold Law.”  Which folks tend to think of as a bean counter computer in the sky that automatically returns to you what you send back, three times over.  In fact, […]


The Vices of Malkuth – Inertia and Greed

Blessings Darlings! Since I am dreading and thus putting off blogging about the Wiccan Rede … this seems like a great time to talk about the Vice of Malkuth “Inertia”, since I’m experiencing it.  But as long as I’m here, I’ll look at the other vice of Malkuth as well. You might not know … […]


My Worship Is In The Heart That Rejoices.

Blessings Darlings! This is the first in what will be (I hope) a multi-post series on phrases from Wicca bandied about in the neopagan community. While Wicca is primarily an orthopraxic mystery religion, it has a few phrases that are quoted y some as orthodoxy.  One of them … Continue reading…


Everyone Is the Hero Of Their Own Story

Blessings Darlings! In a Facebook group the other day (yes, one of the vile swamp of dysfunctional ones – those are where I get inspiration for many of my rants) someone was going on about doing a prosperity spell, but to be careful … Continue reading…


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