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Blessings Darlings!

This is a continuation of last Wednesday’s blog “Consider the Source!”

There are some Pagans/Witches/Magic Users who violate my “Sources Matter” rede all the fucking time.  They see something that tickles their Elmo in some way, and NEVER checking to see what the source is or even checking to see if … Continue reading…

Consider the source!

Blessings Darlings!

As all y’all know – my blog isn’t scholarly.  It is full of my opinions, UPG, and a lot of rants.  That said – if I cite hard numbers, info on Paleo Pagan stuff, etc – while I often give the references, if I don’t I’m still able to cite my sources if asked.  As often as possible (paywalls get in the way) what I have are …

Continue reading…

My Body is Wiser Than I am.

Blessings Darlings!

So, yeah, as previously blogged, I had a cold. Of course, the symptoms sucked – my throat was sore, I was tired, I had serious nasal congestion, my sinus’ threatened to close, I was blowing my nose ALL THE DAMN TIME, etc.  I REALLY wanted to get rid of all the symptoms.

HOWEVER – most of the symptoms (not all of them) were caused not by the virus, but were part of …Continue reading…

It’s a New Year!

Blessings Darlings!

Yup, a new year.  New chances.  Mostly the same old bills.

Here there has been a change – after months of complications, the Chubby Hubby is now getting Social Security benefits.  He’s in his 70’s – so since starting it after turning 70 he’s getting a monthly deposit that looks … Continue reading…

Cold Season is Coming.

Blessings Darlings!

Every now and then, many of us get a few extra dollars.  Sometimes those extra dollars don’t need to spent on immediate necessities like rent or this weeks food.  It’s mighty handy to have a ‘wish list’ in advance for such times.

I’m at one of those times right now.  We finally got our … Continue reading…