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Aspects of the Táin

Editor: J.P. Mallory Publisher: December Publications Published: 1992 ISBN: 0951706829 Pages: 159 Review: This is one of those must read books that you should read along side The Táin. It starts with … Continue reading…


Inside the Táin

Full Title: Inside the Táin – Exploring Cú Chulainn, Fergus, Ailill, and Medb Author: Doris Edel Publisher: Cruach Bhán Publications Published: 2015 ISBN: 978-3-942002-20-2 Pages: 371, including 2 Appendices, Works Cited and Index Synopsis: This is the first literary-critical study of the Táin Bó Cúailnge in its entirety, and as an autonomous literary work. Continue […]


Táin Bó Cúalnge

Series: Irish Texts Society Volume XLIX Editor: Cecile O’Rahilly Publisher: The Irish Texts Society and Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies Published: First Published 1967, this copy 1984. Pages: 357 includes the original text, translation, notes to the text and introduction and Index + Introduction. **Notes from Celtic Scholar: This short review is not about the […]



Full Title: Motherfoclóir – Dispatches from a not so dead language Review: I think this is the best book I read on the Irish language in a long time. Not only am I learning Irish vocabulary and all the different peculiarities it has but I’m also … Continue reading…


Celtic Cosmology: Perspectives from Ireland and Scotland

Title: Celtic Cosmology: Perspectives from Ireland and Scotland Editors: Jacqueline Borsje (Editor), Ann Dooley (Editor), Séamus Mac Mathúna (Editor), Gregory Toner (Editor) Publisher: Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies Published: April 1st 2014 ISBN: 0888448260 (ISBN13: 9780888448262) Pages: 324 including Bibliography. Synopsis: From the deep sea to the waters above the sky, from the world beneath our feet to the promised […]


Blood of the Celts

Full Title: Blood of the Celts – The New Ancestral Story Author: Jean Manco Publisher: Thames & Hudson Published: 2015 ISBN: 978-0-500-05183-2 Pages: 240 including illustrations, end notes, Appendix, Bibliography, and Index Synopsis: Blood of the Celts brings together genetic, archaeological, and linguistic evidence to address the often-debated question: who were the Celts? What peoples or […]


How to Read a Myth

Title: How to Read a Myth Series: Phylosophy and Literary Theory Author: William Marderness Publisher: Humanity Books Synopsis: Roland Barthes and Mircea Eliade pioneered two contrasting yet equally influential theories of myth. Until now, no one has successfully integrated Barthes’ interpretation of myth as a system of signs and Eliade’s interpretation of myth as a […]


Bog Bodies Uncovered

Full Title: Bog Bodies Uncovered: Solving Europe’s Ancient Mystery Author: Miranda Aldhouse-Green Synopsis: Some 2,000 years ago, certain unfortunate individuals were violently killed and buried not in graves but in bogs. What was a tragedy for the victims has proved an archaeologist’s dream… Continue reading…



Name of Series: Pagan Portals Full Title: Brigid – Meeting the Celtic Goddess of Poetry, Forge, and Healing Well Author: Morgan Daimler Synopsis: Pagan Portals – Brigid is a basic introduction to the Goddess Brigid focusing on her history and myth as well as her modern devotion and worship. Primarily looking at the Irish Goddess […]


An Leabhar Urnai A Book Of Celtic Reconstructionist Friendly Prayers

An Leabhar Urnaí: A Book of Celtic Reconstructionist Friendly Prayers By Air n-Aithesc (Our Message) in Air n-Aithesc Press Books 92 pages, published 3/1/2016 An Leabhar Urnaí: A Book of Celtic Reconstructionist Friendly Prayer, was inspired by Ceisiwr Serith’s book A book of Pagan Prayer. This book offers prayers and invocations in Old Irish, Gaulish, […]


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